The Orange is the New Black star will front the global print and digital campaign with Justin Bieber's rumoured girlfriend Hailey Baldwin to promote the company's spring collection.

The duo will also feature in 15-second short films which will be released on the brand's page in a four-part series.

"I love the fact that (the brand) is using Instagram to create these mini films, these little 15-second cinematics, because I definitely get a lot of the information, my inspiration and style inspiration from social media platforms, and on Instagram especially," Ruby tells PeopleStyle. "And I think that people's attention spans are much shorter these days, and you're less likely to captivate or hold people's attention for that long. But the way we've done it, I really think people are going to enjoy it."

They model denim items including jackets, shorts and trousers in the New York shoot, and Ruby decided to spice up the session by getting into a spray paint fight with Hailey.

"I was feeling a little cheeky and it was the last 10 minutes (of the shoot), and I thought, 'You can't have two cans of spray paint in hand and not expect me to spray Hailey with it.' I didn't want them to tell me, 'No, you can't do that, it's a sample!' So, like any good idea, you just have to run with it. Don't ask, just apologise after.

"I just started spraying her. And I had green, pink and whatever in my hands and I was spraying her outfit. It was like a food fight but with graffiti. And I turned around and she sprayed the back of my jacket. So now I have this memory of the day, as well as Hailey's semi-signature slash her trying to attack me on the back of my name. It's pretty cool, I can probably frame it."

Ruby is newly single after she split from her fashion designer fiancee Phoebe Dahl in December (15).