Ruby Rose ''truly believes'' she has the power to heal her own body.

The 31-year-old actress - who is in a relationship with The Veronicas star Jessica Origliasso - is currently recovering after undergoing back surgery, but now the procedure is behind her, she looking forward to getting back to work and enjoying an ''amazing'' 2018.

She tweeted: ''My girl has gone back to Australia for a month. I've still quit smoking and feel amazing and I start back working next week.. tough start to 2018 but I know there is nothing I can't get through with reishi, meditation, gratitude and hard work. Plus a patient team. I'm blessed. X...

''This year is going to be amazing, the only difference is that I'll do it without the back pain I've silently had for the last 5 haha.

'' .on. I truly believe we have the power to heal our bodies. They are extraordinary things. (sic)''

And the 'Pitch Perfect 3' star joked the walking aids she's been using in her recovery could prove to be important for a potential future project.

She posted: ''Plus my walker and cane are now covered in Metallica and Buddhist Stickers, so.. yeah I'm pitching a ''pimp my mobility assistance vehicle'' show and it's going to be a hit. (sic)''

Ruby recently spoke of her desire to have children with Jessica in the future.

She said: ''I'm a romantic and when I was younger my head would go straight to marriage and family. Those relationships didn't work out but they were amazing, so there are no hard feelings. I don't know [about marriage]. I know that we love each other very much and we're inseparable. We both cook. I'm better at side dishes and she does the whole meal - I don't have the patience for that ...

''I have always wanted kids but I couldn't raise my children far away from my mum and my grandparents. I'm not ready to do that now. I've just started in film and I'm getting amazing opportunities, but eventually I would like to move to somewhere in Australia by the beach, have a couple of kids and ten animals. That would be the dream.''