The upset surrounding SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE star RUBINA ALI and her father's alleged attempt to sell her has reached fever pitch as her mother and stepmum were embroiled in a vicious catfight in the squalid streets of India's slums.
Rafiq Qureshi, 36, was caught in a sting by British newspaper the News of the World, allegedly offering the nine-year-old to an undercover reporter for $300,000 (£200,000).
Despite vehemently denying the allegations, Qureshi was arrested on Monday (20Apr09) and quizzed for several hours by Mumbai police.
Now Rubina's real mother, Khurshida Devade, who claimed she knew about the sale beforehand but believed her ex husband wouldn't go through with it, has been photographed attacking her daughter's stepmum in the slums of the city.
Photographs show Devade, who abandoned her family in 2001, in a vicious grapple with Qureshi's new wife Munni, as the pair scream and slap each other in front of a crowd of bystanders.
The clash reportedly came after Devade told Mumbai authorities about her ex's alleged child-trafficking plans.