SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE star RUBINA ALI's autobiography has become such a big hit in Europe, she stands to net over $100,000 (GBP62,500) for her life story by May (10).
The child star, who grew up in poverty in India's slums, is suddenly rich thanks to her memoirs.
Ali, 10, received $32,515 (GBP20,320) as an advance for her autobiography, which was published in June (09), and she stands to make a further $80,000 (GBP50,000) more in royalties by the beginning of the summer (10), according to publisher Philippe Robinet at France’s Oh! Editions.
Meanwhile, Ali and her Slumdog Millionaire co-star Azharuddin Mohammed Ismail, 11, have both landed roles in independent film Lord Owen’s Lady, which will shoot on location in Dubai and Wales.