Ruben Studdard, former American Idol winner, is to divorce from his wife of three years it's been revealed by The Press Association, with the additional news that the pair have apparently not lived together since last year.
Studdard's career started with a bang upon winning the second series of the reality singing contest 'American Idol', with his subsequent debut album 'Soulful' being signed to J Records and taking top spot in the US Billboard Charts upon its release in December of 2003, going platinum in the process. He's never reached the level of that success since, though has released two more top 20 albums - 2009's 'Love Is' was a disappointing flop at number 36 in the US charts however.
Away from his career though Studdard seemed to be happily in love, having allegedly met Surati Zuri MCCants when signing CDs at a Wal-Mart in America, the pair marrying two years later. However a complaint logged says that divorce was requested last week saying that Zuri now lives in Atlanta, Georgia away from Studdard's home in Birmingham, Alabama. The complaint also goes on to cite a "complete incompatibility of temperament" as the reason for the pair's split.