Heavyweight AMERICAN IDOL star Ruben Studdard has shocked the TV show producers behind his new diet bid by weighing it at almost 90 pounds (40.8 kilograms) more than expected.

The larger-than-life singer, who won the second Idol contest, gave his estimated weight as 360 pounds (163.2 kilograms) but he has tipped the scales at 449 pounds (203.6 kilograms).

American TV show EXTRA has drafted in Idol judge and celebrity slimmer Randy Jackson, trainer to the stars GUNNAR PETERSEN and nutritionists to help Studdard slim down.

Jackson says, "I hope that we can get him to lose at least 50 pounds in eight weeks."

Studdard adds, "I want to lose as much as I can. I want to become as healthy as possible."

Studdard's new regime means he'll cut down his calorie intake from 4,000 a day to 1,500.

19/10/2004 09:23