R&B star Ruben Studdard has been kicked off U.S. reality dieting show The Biggest Loser after failing to lose 11 pounds (4.9 kilograms) in a week.

The heavyweight former American Idol shed a massive 39 pounds (17.6 kilograms) in just four weeks on the show, but his team needed him to lose an extra 11 before Tuesday night's (05Nov13) televised 'weigh-in', and he was asked to leave.

The 35 year old, who, at his heaviest, tipped the scales at 462 pounds (209.5 kilograms), said, "I worked really, really hard this week. I swam extra. I walked extra."

He then added, "This experience (on this show) is one of the toughest things I've been through. I've been through two-a-day football practices; I've been through the American Idol experience; I've been through a lot of mentally and physically challenging experiences in my life, and this... ranks right up there at the top."

But he's determined to keep the weight off and lose more, revealing the show has given him the incentive he needed to slim down.

He stated, "America, my voice may be soulful, but the next time you see me, my body will be sexy."