Royksopp dance star TORBJURN BRUNDTLAND has outraged animal rights groups for boasting about his favourite pastime - slaughtering endangered polar bears in his native Norway.

The Scandinavian singer recently confessed to killing "every animal (he) could see" whenever he was in Norway, adding that he was particularly fond of spearing polar bears, which are close to extinction.

He admitted, "I have this bow and arrow that my uncle gave me, and I found a knife and sharpened the arrows.

"It's a deadly weapon. I've killed birds and a lot of polar bears. I went on a killing spree for days, killing every animal I could see in Northern Norway."

But ANDREW BUTLER, the UK spokesman for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals fumes, "It is stone age behaviour that has no place in the modern world. It's extremely worrying when someone takes joy from killing animals for fun.

"Torbjorn is in the public eye and needs to tell people he was wrong to do what he did. It might sound melodramatic to some of his fans but this is the sort of thing that raises red flags for law enforcement agencies around the world."

17/07/2005 02:34