The widows of late rock legends Roy Orbison and George Harrison have teamed up to release a series of lost recordings their husbands made as part of 1980s supergroup THE TRAVELING WILBURYS.

Orbison and Harrison teamed up with Tom Petty, Bob Dylan and Jeff Lynne to record hits like END OF THE LINE and HANDLE WITH CARE, and many fans thought the group died when Orbison passed away in 1988.

But now, Orbison's widow BARBARA and Harrison's wife Olivia are planning to release recordings that have been out of circulation for nearly a decade, with a few rare cuts.

Barbara Orbison says, "You can listen to it and it is just like boys having fun together. You can really feel the absence of any business stresses. They are having a good time. There's the excitement of being in a band called The Traveling Wilburys.

"It was a special moment in time. It brought out the best in all of them."

Orbison has been working on a Traveling Wilburys video set that she hopes to release by the end of the year (04).

30/05/2004 21:04