LATEST: The 270 kilogram (600 pound) white tiger which attacked illusionist Roy Horn during the German's cabaret show in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Friday night (03OCT03) will not be destroyed.

MONTECORE was reportedly distracted by something in the crowd during the show at the MIRAGE and when Horn attempted to discipline the beast, it attacked him.

The tiger took a swipe at the showman, narrowly missing an artery in the German's neck, but leaving him fighting for his life in a Las Vegas hospital.

But despite the savage attack, the beast will not be put down because Horn and his partner SIEGFRIED FISCHBACHER insist the animal was not to blame.

The duo's manager BERNIE YUMAN says, "Montecore will live out his days."

The tiger is currently under supervision at "the inner sanctum" of ZIEGFRIED + ROY's Secret Garden, where animals which appear in their nightly show are on display to the public.

08/10/2003 22:07