Magician Roy Horn and his partner SIEGFRIED FISCHBACHER have promised to perform again soon, as Horn's condition continues to improve after a horrific attack by a tiger two years ago (03).

Horn, 61, was partially paralysed after a tiger viciously launched itself at him, dragging him about by the neck during a performance of the Siegfried And Roy show in Las Vegas.

But he is now walking with the aid of a cane and occasionally a wheelchair, and Fischbacher insists his recovery has been miraculous.

He says, "What he is doing here, standing in front of you. He walked on stage. Even two months ago, the doctors said it would not be possible.

"Every day I see a miracle, I see magic."

Horn adds, "We will be back. I will make sure of that, because I am making a remarkable recovery.

"The doctors have assured me I will be better than new."

And his terrifying experience has not deterred him from his beloved big cats - even MONTECORE, the tiger who attacked him.

He adds, "I (visit them) now every day. The animals give me the power to stay strong."