The Roxy Music rocker's youngest boy was involved in a horrific road accident in Shropshire, England last December (14) which left him fighting for his life.

Merlin is now recovering from a number of serious injuries, including multiple fractures and head wounds, and the Love Is The Drug singer revealed in March (15) that his son was finally walking again with the aid of a crutch.

However, Merlin suffered complications while doctors were battling to save his life and he has been unable to regain full use of his hand, which is a particularly painful blow to the family as he had planned to follow in his dad's footsteps by becoming a musician.

"It was awful, I don't know what to say because he has basically lost his hand. It is there but he can't use it," Bryan tells Britain's Event magazine. "He has a long way to go in terms of fixing it. He had a stent put in his aorta, the main bloodline to the heart, and that was done to save his life.

"There was a difficulty with the flow of blood and they had to cut the tendons on his arm and he couldn't turn it. He has got some movement but there is nothing to make it work.

"Since he wanted to be a guitar player, and that's what was his passion, it's pretty tragic. It's all difficult - even tying your shoelaces."

Bryan hopes that even though Merlin can no longer play the guitar, he may still be able to land a job behind the scenes in music production.

"He's a great reader and has got a brilliant ear; it would be great if he became a producer or something," the veteran musician adds.