Roxanne Pallett suffered a terrible ordeal whilst on the train home, after hoodlums cornered her and set a Staffordshire bull terrier upon her. They had recognised the actress for her role as Jo Sugden in Emmerdale, which she left in 2008. The 29 year-old is understandably shaken from the incident and hasn't uttered any words herself but a friend of her told the UK's Sun newspaper that the yobs had refused to leave her alone after she ignored them.
"They started out by calling her by her Emmerdale name and their abuse got nastier and nastier," explained the source, adding "They started saying how she must think she's better than everyone else because she chose to ignore them. She was petrified and thought the dog was going to rip her to pieces."
The star was on her way to Manchester with the incident happening as the train was passing through Shropshire, at one point it was believed the miscreants held the dog right up to her face and it was that point she pulled the emergency cord on the train, causing guards to come running. They were too late however as the three disembarked at Shrewsbury thankfully leaving Pallett unharmed physically. She gave a statement upon arriving at Manchester.