Rowetta Satchell is convinced the upcoming Happy Mondays reunion tour will be a sober affair in comparison to their heyday - because the cult rockers are now too old to party.
The British group disbanded 19 years ago after frontman Shaun Ryder's drug addiction spiralled out of control, but now the original line-up is making a comeback for a May (12) tour.
And Satchell has assured fans she and her bandmates will lay off the booze while on the road, admitting their rock star antics were "too mad" in the past.
She tells the Bbc's Radio 5, "It's certainly going to be a lot more sober than it used to be... It was fun but you can only do it when you're young to that extent the way the Mondays did - it was a bit too mad really. (Now) everybody is in their 40s or almost-50s."
The singer also credited Ryder's new healthy lifestyle with prompting the band's reconciliation, adding, "He's a different person than he used to be, he's really nice now. We all didn't really like Shaun anymore so we all left because we didn't like Shaun. Now we're all getting back together again, Shaun is a different person than he used to be. It's brilliant that the whole band managed to come together because, at one time, we all wanted to kill Shaun and now we're all getting on with Shaun, it's great.
"His drug problems were well known and it was a really bad one (sic). Without that, he's a different person - he's swimming every day, he's cycling. He's pleasant to be around. I'd seen that side before but it just seemed to go away."