Rowan Blanchard wants to look more like a ''pretty girl''.

The 16-year-old Disney actress was previously a self-confessed tomboy and chose to dress ''weirdly'' because she thought wearing make-up and dresses meant ''sacrificing her feminism'' but now she's older, she's embracing her more girly side and spends two hours in the beauty chair getting her make-up and nails done.

Speaking to Teen Vogue, she said: ''I wasn't interested in being quote unquote 'beautiful', maybe because I was told that trying to be that sacrificed your feminism. I was more interested in looking weird for myself, but now I'm also actually setting out to look like a pretty girl.

''I told my makeup artist, 'I want the highlight, I want the contour. I want to go there .'

''I really enjoy [wearing acrylic nails] but it takes a f*****g while, I sit there for two hours, and I'm so bored. It's work!''

And Rowan - who played Riley Matthews on the Disney Channel series 'Girl Meets World' until 2017 - enjoyed watching the women in her family get ready for a glamorous occasion and was shocked at how long it took them to get ready.

She explained: ''It was so fascinating to me. And so glamorous, watching them look at themselves in the mirror, wearing push-up bras and all these other things, I was like, 'Whoa! The world of femininity is so crazy!'''

However, the brunette beauty likes to put her own stamp on the ideals of beauty, and isn't interested in confirming to other people's expectations of her.

She said: ''The way I view it is that women have to use whatever we were given, so if we're given these frameworks of things that are inherently feminine, whether that's makeup or the femme fatale or even sadness - all these tropes associated with being a girl - I want to explore the undoing of patriarchal things in that same way.''