British actor Rowan Atkinson is famed for his comic characters like Mr Bean - and also once thought of portraying Osama Bin Laden in a humorous way.

The Johnny English funnyman enjoys fusing politics and comedy and thought the Al'Quaeda leader would make a suitable target.

He says, "I remember sitting around with Richard Curtis in the month after 11 September thinking of a sketch in which I'd play Osama Bin Laden. Wearing a beard, I'd probably bear a slight resemblance to him.

"We thought of him slipping out of his cave and singing REVIEWING THE SITUATION from OLIVER! and then scuttling back inside."

However, despite his wild imagination, Atkinson says he's too scared to perform such sketches now -although he still harbours a desire for the outrageous.

He adds, "Still, there's a part of me that yearns for that...danger."