English actor Rowan Atkinson wants to revive his favourite character Blackadder, but is skeptical his co-writers Ben Elton and Richard Curtis will not be interested. Atkinson played EDMUND BLACKADDER, an English royal and government employee who appears in various time periods in history, in the TV series, which ran in the 1980s. Several one-off episodes were also commissioned in the 1990s. He says, "This time, I like the idea of him being a prisoner of war in Colditz (Germany) during the Second World War. That would have the right level of authority and hierarchy which is apparent in all the Blackadders. "Sadly I don't think this will ever happen, if Elton and Curtis wanted to, I would happily do it, but I think Blackadder represents a place where all the people who created it were at that particular time. It would be hard to replicate that now we have all moved on."