Overseas, it was another winning week for The Smurfs -- the live/animated movie's seventh straight foreign victory. Its foreign tally now stands at $364.4 million versus $138.4 million for its domestic run. Together, the worldwide sum has passed a half-billion dollars ($502.8 million). Meanwhile, the latest Rowan Atkinson comedy, Johnny English Reborn is continuing to do solid business, placing third in overall foreign ticket sales (behind The Smurfs and Friends With Benefits despite the fact that it is playing in only 19 countries (versus 69 for Smurfs and 45 for Benefits ), according to studio bean counters (weak pun intended). The film, being distributed by Universal, is due to open domestically on October 28. (Rowan Atkinson movies traditionally play exceptionally well overseas -- due primarily to its sight gags; not so much in the U.S.)