International rock stars last night contributed handsomely to the victims of the war in Iraq (12APR03) through a live telethon.

During the show on national Danish TV, the Roskilde FESTIVAL's charitable fund donated GBP143,000 (GBP95,000), which was drawn from profits from the annual music festival.

At the show, the Danish rap group OUTLANDISH presented the cheque on behalf of The Roskilde Charity Society and Roskilde Festival.

Outlandish are one of the many bands who will be performing at Roskilde Festival this summer (27-30JUN03) alongside the likes of REM, Metallica and Coldplay.

A statement from the society reads, ''In any act of war, civilians always lose. And as time passes in Iraq, we see an increasingly severe humanitarian disaster evolving. The hospitals are overcrowded preventing the sick and wounded from getting the necessary treatment.

''The most basic needs such as food, medicine and drinking water are running short in many places. The need for active help is acute, and this is the reason why Roskilde Festival wants to make a contribution.''

In all, last night's benefit raised some $6.3 million (GBP4.2 million). The show was a joint venture between six major Danish relief organisations - The Danish National Church Relief Agency, The Danish Refugee Aid, Danish Red Cross, Caritas, Save the Children and Unicef.