Rosie Perez, the American actress and star of 'Do the Right Thing', is suing bosses at the crime drama 'Law and Order Svu' after she suffered an injury while shooting a scene on the show. Rosie Perez required two surgeries for a herniated disc after filming an episode of the drama series in September 2009, reports the New York Daily News.
Brooklyn-born Perez claims that she was "forcibly shook" by an extra on the show, resulting in damage to her back. Rosie's lawyer Brian O'Dwyer, who filed the lawsuit on Wednesday (18th May 2011), said, "The thing to do was taking someone who knows what he's doing to make it look violent without being violent. This person was not a stuntman, he was just an extra". The scene in question appears during season 11 of the series, in an episode titled 'Hardwired'. Perez, who was guest starring as an incensed mother, sticks her head inside a car and chokes another woman, before being forcefully pulled away by a man. O'Dwyer said the male extra, "Got carried away with the scene". After suffering the injury, Perez underwent two operations, including spinal fusion surgery where her pelvic bone marrow was transplanted into her vertebrae.
46-year-old Rosie Perez does not specify how much she is seeking in damages, but the lifelong effects of the injury combined with the victim's potential earning power mean the sum will be "very substantial", according to O'Dywer.