Rosie Perez is contemplating breast enhancement surgery to give her curvy figure and her career a boost - in a bid to compete with younger Hollywood actresses.
The 45-year-old Pineapple Express star is proud of her assets, but worries her sagging breasts may need a lift to appeal to male audiences as she gets older.
She explains, "It's part of the misogyny in the world. Guys want younger girls and so I think they subconsciously make women think when you're over 40 you're done... and we (women) got smart and were like, 'Forget you, we're fabulous!'
"As time goes on, I will not be opposed to help them (my breasts) out a little bit."
And Perez has hit back at rumours she has already gone under the knife to sculpt her famous curves.
She adds, "These are my naturals (breasts)."