The first two days of filming on Rosie Perez and John Leguizamo's new movie THE TAKE was all drama - guns were pulled on caterers, police shut the set down and an eight-year-old actor was fired. The incident-pact shoot began with a thug attacking the set cook after he was refused free food that was set aside for the cast and crew. Leguizamo says, "We shot in East L.A... and some hood wanted to get craft services, so he got on line and he said, 'Y'all want the chicken, man,' and the caterer said, 'No way.' "So he slapped the caterer, the caterer started choking him and then the hood took out a gun... so the cops came and shut down our set." And the second day on set wasn't exactly smooth either. The Moulin Rouge! star adds, "We had to fire the kid who was playing my son because he sucked... He's gonna be traumatised for life (but) it was either the movie or his future."