Comedienne ROSIE O'DONNELL has been left with four unwanted tickets to the Super Bowl after prematurely snapping up seats for the big game when she thought her son's beloved Green Bay Packers would be there.

The actress reveals she promised to treat her son Blake, her ex-wife Kelli Carpenter and her new spouse Anne Steele to a trip to Arizona next month (Feb15) if the Packers managed to beat the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday (18Jan15) and secure their place in the Super Bowl.

Her son began celebrating as his team dominated the Seattle Seahawks, the current Super Bowl champions, in the NFC Championship game at the weekend (18Jan15) - and O'Donnell decided to make good on her promise and book the tickets and the flights to Arizona online.

However, the Seahawks shocked Packers fans as they managed to claw their way back to tie the game in the final minutes, and then scoring the winning touchdown in overtime - and now O'Donnell has no use for the tickets she purchased.

She explains, "He (Blake) was at a bar with Kelli and Anne. (He) texted me, 'Mom, we're going to the Super Bowl', 'cause I said if they get in, I'd take Anne, Kelli and him - we'd all go.

"Two minutes left (of the game), I'm watching it, I'm like, 'Please God, I just booked the flight to Phoenix...!' I thought there'd be a rush (to buy tickets)... (Now) I have four tickets to go to a game with no team no one likes! And then he wrote back, 'Crap, forget it'. And I wrote back, 'Too late, mommy booked it. We're going to watch the team you hate!' He was heartbroken."

The Seahawks will now face off against the New England Patriots, led by Gisele Bundchen's husband Tom Brady, in the Super Bowl on 1 February (15).