Actress/Tv host ROSIE O'DONNELL has added another link to the long list of women accusing Bill Cosby of sexual assault after revealing she has been contacted privately by a new alleged victim.

While discussing a recent controversy involving a retracted Rolling Stone magazine report about an alleged gang rape at the University of Virginia on her talk show The View on Monday (08Dec14), O'Donnell argued the issue could make victims think twice about coming forward.

She then revealed an alleged Cosby victim who wanted to remain anonymous had reached out to her.

She says, "This weekend I got a private message from one of the Bill Cosby accusers - 26 women now have accused Bill Cosby.

"One of them wrote to me privately and she is an older woman in her 70s and she lives in the Southwest and she has never been on camera, and she was saying she knows for sure at least one (story) is true - hers - and she has sought no financial gain, she wants no attention..."

The Cosby Show star is facing allegations from several women, including models and actresses, who claim they were drugged and assaulted during reported incidents which took place decades ago.

One alleged victim, Judy Huth, has filed a civil suit against the actor/comedian, claiming he got her drunk and assaulted her at the Playboy Mansion in California, when she was just 15.

Cosby has not addressed any of the claims against him but his lawyer and attorney insist all the allegations are false.