Former abuse victim ROSIE O'DONNELL has been left "shocked and heartbroken" by the child molestation accusations filed against her longtime pal Stephen Collins, admitting she is "scared" by her inability to spot an alleged predator.

The actor, who played a minister on Tv show 7th Heaven, hit headlines earlier this week (begs06Oct14) when audio footage purportedly featuring Collins confessing to inappropriately touching three young girls during a secretly-recorded therapy session with his wife in 2012 surfaced online.

Authorities have subsequently confirmed he is under police investigation after a New York woman filed a formal complaint about his reported advances when she was a kid.

Now O'Donnell is speaking out about the scandal, insisting she is stunned by the news.

Discussing the accusations on her U.S. talk show The View on Thursday (09Oct14), she said, "(I'm) shocked and heartbroken. I think, like anyone here who knows someone who's been accused of sexual abuse of children, it devastates everyone in the radius of that person, because it's a shocking allegation and you know, for me, I always have my antenna up, in a way for that, having had a childhood with that (sexual abuse), and I never in a million years (would have suspected Collins)... That's the thing that scared me the most..."

The A League of Their Own actress admits she always held Collins in high regard, comparing him to family man and Little House on the Prairie star Michael Landon.

She continued, "In my opinion he's the Michael Landon of this generation; he always plays the wholesome, wonderful, loving, caring guy, and in real life, is that (a suspected paedophile), and... it is so unbelievably, kind of, hard (to accept)."

O'Donnell insists she has no doubt of the authenticity of the tape, which was recorded by his estranged wife Faye Grant without his knowledge, adding, "I can say, as somebody who knows him, it sounds an awful lot like him, or it's a really good impersonator, so to hear his actual voice saying the things that he had done, was horrific and terrifying."

Meanwhile, O'Donnell's The View co-host Whoopi Goldberg has also expressed her dismay at the allegations after working with Collins on 1986 film Jumpin' Jack Flash.

She added, "You never know who you're walking down the street with, you never know sometimes who you're sleeping with; it's kind of wild (crazy)."