Comedienne ROSIE O'DONNELL has apologised to Kirstie Alley after she accused the LOOK WHO'S TALKING star of lying about her weight.

After watching Alley telling American TV host Matt Lauer that her largest was 201 pounds (91 kilograms), O'Donnell said, "I am telling you right now, I'm 218 pounds - Kirstie Alley is not 210. She's a lying sack of s**t. At least tell the truth. She's gotta be like 248."

O'Donnell has now apologised to Alley over the phone and told her fans on her official website in free verse style.

She wrote, "The phone/ Kirstie with hurt feelings/ I am sorry for that... never been JOAN (RIVERS) kicking people when they are down."

28/03/2005 17:13