LATEST: A judge has thrown ROSIE O'DONNELL's legal battle with publishers GRUNER + JAHR out of court, refusing to award damages to either side.

New York State Judge IRA GAMMERMAN ruled this morning (12NOV03) there was no winner in the ugly battle.

In a statement, he said, "This is a very ill-conceived lawsuit. It seems to me we're just dealing with bragging rights."

O'Donnell quit her namesake magazine a year ago (SEP02) after falling out with publishers over editorial matters. The magazine folded in December 2002.

The publishers sued O'Donnell for $100 million (GBP62.5 million), alleging breach of contract. She countersued for $125 million (GBP78.1 million), claiming G+J broke its contract with her by cutting her out of key editorial decisions.

In a statement this morning, O'Donnell said, "I have no vengeance towards the company. I'm simply happy about the fact that it's finally over."

12/11/2003 21:09