American TV personality ROSIE O'DONNELL has found that some of her fans have become "scared" of her since she wed her longtime love KELLI CARPENTER earlier this year (04).

The comedienne and Carpenter exchanged vows in February (04) in defiance of US President George W Bush's stance against gay marriages, and earned a tirade of publicity as a result.

But O'Donnell admits that a few of her fans have since felt a little isolated as a result.

She says, "I think it made a difference to our family, to the kids. We go to TARGET as a family and people come over to me and they're like, 'Way to go.' People think it's an amazing and wonderful thing.

"And then (there are) people who are a little bit afraid of it, too. Sometimes I'll see people and they'll sort of look away. I'll say, 'Hi. Are you afraid now?'

"This one older woman stopped and she goes, 'A little bit. I just don't get it.' I said, 'You know what? I understand, but what you have to realise it's the same me.'"

13/05/2004 09:13