Rosie Huntington-Whiteley feels more confident when she has a suntan.

The model-and-actress likes her skin to be sunkissed but isn't a fan of sunbathing bathing or sunbeds so uses lots of bronzing powder and fake tan as it's the safest option.

She said: "I love BeneFit's Hoola bronzing powder. More women have discovered that they look great with a tan and they also look and feel sexier. It's also much healthier and safer than going in the sun and using sunbeds. Looking after your skin has become more fashionable.

"I love to be tanned before I go to awards ceremonies and parties. Self-tanning is the way forward - especially for me. As a Victoria's Secret model, I like to be tanned when I shoot lingerie. It gives me a confidence boost, I feel healthy and of course I look great. The tan makes your skin glow on camera."

As well as being tanned, Rosie always loves wearing her leather trousers.

The 'Transformers: Dark of the Moon' star told Britain's OK! magazine: "I couldn't live without my Les Chiffoniers leather trousers, I live in them. I wear them for shopping, dinner and nights out."