Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has a ''five minute'' beauty regime.

The 27-year-model has shared her secret to looking good on the go and makes sure she carries around a handful of must-have beauty products to get her looking red carpet-ready at a moments notice.

She said: ''I have what I call my five-minute face - those products I always have with me on the go.

''They include a powder foundation by Hourglass, Stila cream blushers. I'm a big eyebrow girl and love the Hourglass pencil in Blonde, and also, always, a Burt's Bee tinted lip balm.''

The blonde beauty also revealed she carries two shades of mascara to take her look from day to night.

When asked how she achieves her super-long lashes, she said: ''Mascara. Honestly. At the moment I'm using a Diego Dalla Palma one - brown for the day and black at night.

''For the red carpet, I might wear a few individual false ones, but I leave that up to my make-up artist.''

When it comes to her eyebrows however, Rosie prefers to style them herself.

She told HELLO! magazine: ''I do them myself. I would never trust anyone else - I've learnt the hard way.''