The British supermodel-turned-actress landed a part as a pregnant rape victim, named Splendid, opposite leading lady Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy in the hit 2015 film, and when it came to makeup and wardrobe, things turned out to be almost as gritty as the movie's plotline.

"I had to have my whole body cast, they were making a fake body of me for a film I did Mad Max, and they put the cast over my head," Rosie recalled during an appearance on U.K. chat show This Morning. "It was a very weird and surreal moment and as they took it off it pulled out all my eyelashes - because the plaster got into my eyelashes and it pulled them all out! So, for about three months, I had no eyelashes.

"That was probably the biggest make-up or beauty fail and it was quite painful! It was quite dramatic as well."

However, the stunning covergirl, who is currently engaged to actor Jason Statham, has moved on from the cosmetic disaster and she is currently promoting her new makeup range, which sells exclusively at British chain Marks & Spencer.

Although Rosie is a huge fan of cosmetics, she prefers to paint her face in ways that promote her natural beauty.

"My mum always told me makeup should enhance, never hide, and you should celebrate your favourite asset," she shares. "I don't follow any trends; I want to feel the best I can feel. It's always about feeling natural and polished and easy."