Rosie Huntington-Whiteley claims models can no longer get by on their looks.

The British model - whose lingerie line for Marks and Spencer has become the fastest selling in the company's history - insists models have to be ''more real now than ever'' and it's becoming more common for girls to need brains and a good personality if they have any hope of landing jobs at castings.

Rosie, who began her career aged 16, explained to The Observer newspaper: ''There's more engagement. You're no longer this one-dimensional image. It's more expected now for supermodels to be smart, to have opinions, to have a personality.''

Meanwhile, the 26-year-old beauty criticised the fashion industry's lack of guidance for young models, revealing an agent once told her to eat ''a single piece of sushi a day''.

She mused: ''I felt that there was never anything for me, no workshops, no people letting you know how you should be eating or what you should be wearing to castings.''

It seems the much needed fashion advice would have saved her an embarrassing encounter as she recalls she was ridiculed for wearing a pair of fake Ugg boots early in her career.

She recalled: ''I remember walking into a restaurant wearing them and literally everybody turned to look at me and they all laughed.''