Rosie Huntington-Whiteley wants to make the beauty industry a ''positive'' place.

The 31-year-old model set up the website Rose Inc. to curate all the beauty and wellness knowledge she's gathered from professionals, friends and people she looks up to over the years so her fans can enjoy insider tips and techniques and ''celebrate'' the beauty industry together.

In a post on her new site, she said: ''Rose Inc. truly is beauty from the insider out. I wanted to create a space that was curated by somebody with first-hand experience in this industry. I've sat in the hair and makeup chair, worked with all these incredible artists, and discovered - and am continuing to discover - new products, tips, routines and techniques, and how these can impact our lives in a positive way. I mean, a great red lip or a good hair day can really turn your day around.

''I see the site as being a collaboration of my favorite artists, of my favorite influencers, of my favorite bloggers, of my favorite tastemakers. Bringing everybody's aesthetic together and celebrating it and learning from it and shopping from it and being creative from it and being inspired by it. That's what I hope for.''

And Rosie learnt her most valued beauty advice from her mother, Fiona, who told her to ''celebrate her features'' instead of focusing on what she wanted to change.

The blonde bombshell explained: ''She always told me that makeup should enhance what you have and not hide what you have. We've all got parts that we don't like a crooked tooth, blemishes, whatever it is. But what are the things that you love about you? Do you have an amazing smile? Do you have great skin? Do you have gorgeous eyes? Don't worry about your 'flaws'. Enhance and celebrate the features that you have - and don't waste time masking the things you don't like.''