Rosie Huntington-Whiteley thinks modelling lingerie is empowering for women.

The model and actress, who identifies herself as a feminist, finds posing in underwear to be an empowering experience due to her positive mindset.

The 27-year-old said to ''There can be backlash and people who think it's derogatory to women but everyone wears lingerie.

''The thing that I'm always mindful of is when that I'm posing for an image, the photographer needs to empower me and women. I want there to be a strength there, a strong sexiness in the final image.''

The beauty - who has been dating Hollywood hunk Jason Statham since 2010 - said models need to go into photoshoots with a strong idea of what they want to portray.

She added: ''It's all to do with preparation before you go on set and what message you want to send through that photograph.''

The 'Transformers: Dark of the Moon' star also expressed her sadness about the news that lingerie retailer Victoria's Secret is bringing its fashion show to London, having modelled for the chain for many years.

She confessed: ''I'm always sad. I was part of Victoria's Secret for five years and I had the best time working with them but you know it was time for me to go.''

However, Rosie has no regrets about her decision to leave Victoria's Secret, admitting she gets far more happiness from working on her own brand.

She added: ''I got the opportunity to work on my own brand and it was the right time to take that leap and risk.

''I felt ready for it. For me, there's something so much more fulfilling about working on my own brand rather than working for a brand.''