Rosie Huntington-Whiteley finds it ''relaxing'' doing her own make up.

The 31-year-old model is used to being made up by the world's best make up artists for her photoshoots but she really enjoys getting the chance to do her own too.

She said: ''I guess it would be subject to opinion, but I think I'm ok at doing my own make-up! And I really love doing it, I enjoy that time. For me it's relaxing - although it's been a little compromised since having a child! I like to put music on, I like to lay out all the products that I'm using, I like to source inspiration and copy a look I've seen... It's as much fun as going out, the time at home preparing for the evening! I feel I can do some easy go-to looks for myself, and then I lean towards the experts for red carpet. But going out for dinner with my man, or going out to meet my girlfriends, or going to a meeting, I do my own make-up.''

And the mother-of-one - who welcomed son Jack into the world last year - admits having a baby has completely changed how she approaches her make up and skincare.

Asked how motherhood has changed her routine, she added to ''I think it's changed because I have way less time to spend on myself! Like now when I'm doing my beauty routine I have a little visitor in my bathroom who also likes to play with all my products and pour them out all over the floor. Your time is compromised. Before, perhaps there was a whimsical time of getting ready before work when you could really indulge in the whole process - like a 45-minute shower and 20 minutes deciding what to wear. Now whatever time you have, you have to make use of it. Often now I have a choice between make-up or hair. And I spend a lot more time in my gym gear!''