Rosie Huntington-Whiteley cooks roast dinners for all her English friends in Los Angeles.

The British beauty now resides in California with boyfriend Jason Statham but misses the traditional Sunday roast - which consists of an oven-cooked meat joint, potatoes, vegetables and gravy - she had when she was growing up so always ensures she makes her own every week.

She said: ''All my friends in LA are English. It's impossible to find a good roast out there so I'm getting famous for 'Rosie's Roast Dinner.' I did a really good beef wellington the other day and I do a great chicken pot pie; good hearty country food. You're never going to come to my house and leave hungry.

''I'll cook healthy on a daily basis but once a week we'll definitely just have a good roast. My job is crazy but inside I feel normal and I want normal things in life.''

Although she misses British food, the model-and-actress has just bought her first home with Jason in Hollywood and she loves life in LA.

The 'Transformers: Dark of the Moon' told Stylist magazine: ''It feels full of happiness and love and there's a good to have the energy. It's just really good to have the energy. It's cosy and feels like it was full and love and laughter. I know a little bit of the history. I feel grounded in that home.''