Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is a hands-on designer.

The British model insists the inspiration for her super sexy 'Rosie for Autograph' lingerie line for M&S comes entirely from her, and says she likes to try on the items during the design process to ensure they fit as well as possible.

Speaking in a new promotional video, Rosie reveals: ''I send a lot of photographs of inspirations, I pick up things from flea markets and vintage fairs.

''I like to try everything on before it goes to production to really feel the products, see how they sit on the body, make sure that I want to wear them and really understand the cuts and fabrics.''

The blonde bombshell is seen chatting to M&S lingerie boss, Soozie Jenkinson, who agrees that their partnership is very cohesive.

Soozie says: ''Our collaborations are very two way, it's kind of on going.''

Rosie, 26, also selects some of her favourite pieces from the new collection, which has been released to celebrate the first anniversary of her collaboration with the British retail giant.

She explains: ''The soft cup bra is one of the main pieces that we are introducing to the collection that we haven't done before. I hope that women would wear this and be proud to flash it a little bit.''

Discussing the fact her purse-friendly designs have become best-sellers for M&S, Rosie blushes: ''I'm thrilled, it's so exciting. It's very flattering and it makes me want to keep doing it. It is a huge honour for me.''