Rosemarie DeWitt has reportedly signed up to tackle a Poltergeist in Sam Raimi's remake of the original 1982 horror.

Plans to reboot the film have been in the works for several years, but the project was put on hold due to financial troubles at the Mgm film studio.

Last month (Jun13), movie bosses confirmed the film is now back on track with Raimi, who successfully rebooted the Evil Dead franchise, as a producer, and now they have found their lead actress.

Rachel Getting Married star DeWitt has signed up for the role, according to, while Monster House director Gil Kenan will take charge of the project.

The original Poltergeist, about a family plagued by evil spirits who kidnap their youngest daughter, spawned two sequels, and the new film is set to terrify cinema-goers in 2014 - exactly 32 years after the original.