Roseanne Barr will be hiding from her relatives over the festive season - because they ruined her Thanksgiving celebrations last week (24NOV05).

The comedienne insists she would much rather sit in solitude than have to play hostess to her family members, as she's done several times before.

And she is urging others to follow suit and shun their loved ones.

She says, "My whole family came and I cooked. I always cook twice a year - for Passover and then for Thanksgiving.

"I cooked for 26 people and I had my whole family over and I did the turkey and the whole thing. But then I heard my brother-in-law in the other room go, 'I don't even like turkey!'

"I think that for holidays, we should not have to spend them with our families. That is why it's a holiday, because you're free from your family. You finally get a day off, you don't want to be with them."