Roseanne Barr has decided to go back to her roots as a stand-up comedienne - and she plans to amuse fans by warning them about the end of the world.

Barr was inspired to return to the stage after adding her voice to animated movie HOME ON THE RANGE, in which she plays a cow.

She says, "It's fun just sitting in there (doing voices). It's kinda like doing stand-up, which made me go, 'Man, I miss doing stand-up.'"

But she warns that fans had better be prepared for some heavy subject matter.

She adds, "I'm talking about the world ending and stuff, because I think about two good years is all we got. I'm talking about the good stuff - like we have to look at the bright side when the world blows up.

"And I think the best, most positive thing is that the diet industry will be going up in flames along with everything else!"

31/03/2004 09:15