Roseanne Barr is to front a new reality show about America's worst mums.

Momsters will focus on killer mothers who have treated their kids terribly and she can't wait for the show to air - because it will make normal parents feel better about themselves.

She says, "It's, like, all these horrible mums. It makes me feel so functional... They recreate stuff, so somebody's, like, an actor and they're like, 'Mum, I'm gonna be on Tv...' and they're a corpse."

The show will debut on America's Investigation Discovery network, which just happens to be Roseanne's favourite channel.

She adds, "They always have new murder stories... The way they think they're gonna get away with it is what gets me and then they go and act all normal... I love the way the forensics work to get 'em caught because it's never what they (murderers) think."