Roseanne Barr, the American actress, writer and comedienne, has announced she intends to run for the Presidency of the United States of America. The Emmy Award winner, whose self-titled ABC sitcom lasted for nine seasons, made the announcement during a taping of the Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Thursday (4th August 2011).
To delight of the live studio audience, Roseanne said, "I am running for President of the United States", before adding, "I'm totally serious. 'Cause I want to be part of the debates, because I want to represent the tax payer. In fact, I'm choosing the tax payers as my vice president". When Leno jokingly suggested she could debate with Sarah Palin, Barr replied, "That's kinda what got me to thinking that I too should run for president, if she can". 2011 could be a busy year for the actress, who has also signalled her intention to appear on the forthcoming series of Dancing With The Stars. During a recent interview with, Barr insisted she "really wanted to do the show", but had reservations because she requires a hip replacement.
During a political rally video posted on her blog in May, Barr announced, "I'm tired of watching as men destroy all the world. Everything used to be beautiful when women were in charge, and now I, working as the physical manifestation of the goddess Isis and the reincarnation of Cleopatra, have decided to save the world".