Roseanne Barr has found herself in hot water with Beyonce's legion of followers in recent days. The feud began when Barr suggested that Barack Obama was wrong to ask Beyonce to sing an Etta James song at his Inaugural Party in 2009, rather than asking Etta herself. Roseanne has never exactly been afraid of offending people and many of her individual responses to Beyonce's fans are loaded with expletives, which will no doubt rile them further. In one message that she sent out, she stated "Beyonce 's fans are really ignorant-she should not be proud of entertaining drooling mutants!"
Beyonce is presumably too busy tending to her new daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, to have responded to Roseanne's abuse, which included her announcement that "I have not listened to anything Beyonce or Jay Z has said or recorded since they did that to Etta. Their arrogance was disgusting." The attention that it's drawn to the 59 year-old comedian will most probably be welcomed by the TV bosses behind her new show, Downwardly Mobile, which she recently sold to the NBC network.
Roseanne originally found fame with her eponymous sitcom Roseanne, and her new venture finds her "a member of a mobile home community and will follow the working class lives of her, her family, and the residents of the mobile home community."