Comedienne Roseanne Barr is finding her mother's new romance slightly "gross" - because she can't bear to envision her getting passionate with her beau.

While Barr's mother is enjoying her new relationship, the funnygirl admits she doesn't quite know what to make of it all.

She says, "My mom is 70 years old and her boyfriend is 69 years old - he's a younger man. It's kinda gross, 'cause they kiss and stuff.

"They're really in love, and everything. Old people having sex! I mean, I'm 53, and I think that it's gross that I do it, but my mom, I don't know.

"But they're in love, like my mom says. I think he's getting Alzheimer's, though. My mom says, 'I love you,' and he says, 'Who am I?'"