Rose McGowan lost the use of her arm after too many fight scenes.

The 'Red Sonja' actress - whose action-movie credits also include 'Scream' and 'Grindhouse' - has revealed starring in extensive stunt sequences caused elbow and wrist damage which could only be treated with extensive surgery.

She explained: "I had wrist and elbow surgery and they took part of my elbow out. I had really bad nerve damage from doing stunts - I do a lot of my own stunts.

"I could no longer use my arm, but now I can hold a fork and drive so we're working our way up. It'll probably be another six months of rehab, but it's the price you pay for being really limber and being able to do back flips!"

The 36-year-old star's injury has brought a halt to production of comic book adaptation 'Red Sonja' - in which she plays the title character who is described as a "she-devil with a sword" - but she is hopeful she will be able to return to set soon.

Rose has also revealed she had no intention of becoming an actress when she was younger.

She explained to FOX News: "I was standing outside of a gym waiting for my friend to come out and this woman he knew kept saying, 'She should be in this movie blah blah blah.' I was like, 'Gross, I don't want to be an actor! Ew!' and then I found out they would pay me enough money for a down payment on an apartment."