Rose McGowan says a ''new chapter'' has begun now that Harvey Weinstein has been indicted on two sets of rape charges and a sex crime charge.

The 'Charmed' actress - who has accused the disgraced producer of rape - is celebrating after Weinstein was formally charged with first and third-degree rape, and a first-degree criminal sexual act.

She wrote on Instagram: ''INDICTED. FINALLY. I've been indicted by the media he's bought out for years to trash me. Now it is a new chapter for both of us.''

In the lengthy post, Rose also insisted she has ''changed the world'' and was willing to risk everything to speak out.

She added: ''Here's what many do not know about me. I have a light spirit. I have compassion. I have adventure. I have a playful side. I am MORE than anger. Or sadness. I have more than they've shown. I am all of the colors, just like you. That's why I made the show Citizen Rose with E! But because of how I've been sold in the media- many of the people polled about the show say that they are on the fence about supporting it ''someone like me''. Someone. Like. Me.

''Suddenly though- now that the Monster aka Harvey Weinstein- has turned himself in I'm ''validated.'' I have always spoken the truth. I know what I have achieved to change the world. I am facing time in jail because I wanted a better, freer society. I have lived a harder life than most could withstand. I know my truth. And now.... for the FINAL episode of Citizen Rose, a show that took blood, sweat and many tears, to simply show what trauma looks like and how we can survive it. I know what I've done to change the world. How about you? #weROSEtogether #socialexperiment #womeninbiz #human #CitizenRose #rosearmy #inspiration #justwannahavefun (sic)''