Rose McGowan starred as the "bombshell" 'Cassandra Davina' in last night's episode of Law & Order Svu.Rose Mcgowan, the Italian-born actress and star of 'Charmed', made a guest appearance on yesterday's 'Law & Order Svu', portraying the sultry bombshell 'Cassandra Davina', reports the Huffington Post.In MCGowan's highly-anticipated cameo on the show, her character ran into detectives Benson and Stabler, played by Mariska Harigitay and Chris Meloni, at an underground club. Speaking about her appearance, MCGowan explained, "Cassandra is a complex character and that's what I liked about her. She had a lot of different layers. She's got her own plots going no matter what. I think she's always thinking of a different angle". It was recently reported that the actress had been working with officials to track down the identity of a man who has been hacking into her emails. The 37-year-old revealed that she had fallen victim to a cyber-criminal who hacked into her email address and diverted all her correspondence to a mystery location. She told Entertainment Tonight, "For the last six months somebody created an email and all of my emails - incoming and outgoing - have been going to this email, whoever that person is. It's very violating and it's frustrating".
Rose Mcgowan is currently filming the forthcoming thriller 'Rosewood Lane', with Lesley-Anne Down and Ray Wise. The movie follows the story of a radio talk-show psychiatrist who begins to notice the unusual behaviour of the neighbourhood paper-boy.