Rose McGowan claims she needed hypnotherapy after starring on 'Charmed'.

The 44-year-old actress played Paige Matthews on the American television show for eight years until 2006 but has claimed the stress of starring on it made her seek alternative help.

She said: ''I believe art shows you exactly where you are when you buy it. I was on a show called 'Charmed', and I was so lost, I was so invisible. Nobody could see who I was. I couldn't see who I was. That girl, she's a bound and gagged ballerina in a cage, and that's exactly what my life felt like ...

''I found the repetitive days so opposite my natural rhythms that I became sick over and over. And it was at times a very stressful environment. I started to have panic attacks because of everything I was pushing down.

''I was sick about four or five times a season. We would shoot twenty-two or twenty-three episodes. On hour-long TV, you are essentially shooting half of a feature film in eight days. The pace was grueling. Two years in a row I had 102-degree fevers and got dumped in trash cans, in a stunt, always on the days that I was the most ill.''

And Rose recalled how she angered 'Charmed' bosses when she ignored the rules and dyed her hair red ahead of a new series.

Speaking in her E! docuseries 'Citizen Rose', she added: ''The studio got wind of it and flipped out, of course. They were furious and demanded to know how I expected them to explain this. I told them: 'It's a show about magic. You simply say I was mixing a potion and it exploded in my face! My hair turned red! I liked it, so I kept it.' That became the very first dialogue of the season, almost verbatim, between me and the character Leo. All it takes is a little creative thought, but the studios rarely have that working for them.''