Rose McGowan found it ''surreal'' seeing Harvey Weinstein arrested.

The 66-year-old disgraced movie mogul surrendered to police in New York on Friday (25.05.18) where he will face sexual misconduct charges and Rose admitted it was a ''very good feeling'' seeing that happen.

Rose - who alleged she was raped by Weinstein - told The Today Show: ''It was surreal [but] real and it was very good feeling. It shows people worldwide, which is what I was hoping the whole time, that this cannot and will not stand.''

Meanwhile, Rose previously insisted that she always warned Weinstein she would ''come for'' him, even after she agreed to take a sum of money from the disgraced movie producer in exchange for her silence over allegations he raped her.

She said: ''There's a misnomer that I was offered money - I requested money. I requested, bless my young heart, thought $100,000 was very much a lot of money, and enough to buy a billboard which I tried to buy it to say 'Harvey Weinstein is a rapist', but they shut me down, surprisingly. And I was like, OK I never signed a non-disclosure agreement. I said if I hear of you doing this to another woman I will come for you. And it was 20 years ago and so I set about doing exactly what I said I would do.

''It was actually only recently, about two weeks ago, when the Weinstein Company declared bankruptcy that I felt the true weight lift, because it's like this multi-headed hyrda, this monster, and it kept trying to come back, and people kept trying to buy the company back for him, and I was like, no, you must stay down, it must show other people around the world that this can be done. It's a relief, I suppose, to have people believe me, but I've operated and been slandered, and disliked, and maligned for no other reason than he purchased press all over the world to do so, for 20-years.''