Rose McGowan is dating an ''activist and very awake individual''.

The 'Citizen Rose' star - who was one of the first to speak out and accuse Harvey Weinstein of sexual misconduct, alleging he raped her - is the happiest she's felt in a ''long time'', in part thanks to her new partner, who she has been dating for a month.

She said: ''I'm with an activist and a very awake individual.

''When the wreckage of the past gets cleared away, you can see your future a lot more clearly. There are things I didn't really know about myself. I've been a lot happier in this last month than I have been in a long time.

''It takes a very complex and adventurous human to want to be with me.''

The 44-year-old actress retreated from the spotlight earlier this year after becoming traumatised by having to repeatedly recount her ordeal while promoting her autobiography 'Brave'.

She recalled to The Hollywood Reporter: ''At first, I was staying at a farm with miniature ponies, but they had a wedding. So I had to leave and went to a retirement community in Florida called The Villages, which had golf carts with Trump stickers. It was like paradise for old people.''

She then underwent a five-day ''intensive trauma'' session with a mother and son therapist team, parts of which will be seen in her E! docuseries 'Citizen Rose'.

Network president Adam Stotsky said: ''It's highly topical, buzzworthy and the ultimate true Hollywood story in some ways.''

Rose's own candidness about her ordeal means other women have sought her out to confide in her about their own experiences as victims of sexual assault, which can also be ''hard'' for her to deal with, but she's always willing to listen to them.

She said: ''A lot of the time, I'm the first person they are telling and it can be hard being a receptacle for that.

''[But I always listen] to honour their journey and their pain.''